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Shorter Trips, State Parks, And Outdoor Recreation Trending With New RV Buyers


By: RV Industry Association Staff New data into the motivation and trip preferences of people who purchased RVs since the onset of the pandemic reveal trends towards shorter trips and a preference for state parks. Less than one-third of new RV owners took trips more than 300 miles in length. Rather, the majority of new buyers (54%) opted to stay closer to home with trips under 200 miles. With this preference to stay closer to home, it is not surprising that state parks and recreation area campgrounds topped the list of ideal campgrounds for this group of new buyers. RV [...]

Shorter Trips, State Parks, And Outdoor Recreation Trending With New RV Buyers2021-04-29T12:11:44-05:00

Social Media Advertising


“Dealer advertising” is a broad term, and it includes any messages presented to the public promoting a product or a service. This means that messages posted to public social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and others—face the same scrutiny as print or website advertising.   Required Disclosures Social media focuses on using short messages to grab consumers’ attention, but you still need to provide proper disclosures and avoid crafting your message in a way that is deceptive or misleading. You can meet the requirements of the law in one of two ways: List all required disclosures within the body of the [...]

Social Media Advertising2021-04-27T11:30:11-05:00
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